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Awareness Programmes


Awareness Programmes are organised individuals and groups who are planning to set up new Self Help Groups (SHGs) or for newly formed SHGs. New Self Help Groups face many issues at their formative stage due to insufficient information. Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai conducts Awareness Camps covering topics such as :

1) What is Self Help Group (Bachat Gat).
2) History of Self Help Group Movement.
3) How to form a new SHG.
4) Rules and Regulations
5) How to appoint Office Bearers.
6) How to manage your Bachat Gat.
7) Finances of Self Help Groups.
8) Government Schemes for Bachat Gat.
9) How to maintain various Books of Accounts and Records.
10) Bachat Gat Registration Process.
11) Banking Procedures, how to link your SHG with Bank
12) How to sustain your Bachat Gat
13) How to transform your SHG into a Business Enterprise.
14) List of Various Businesses SHGs can do.
15) Question and Answer Session

Duration :
03.00 - 04.00 Hours.

For Organising Programme in your area please contact 9920987512