Existing Bachat Gat

Existing Bachat Gats face the following problems :

  1. The problem of stagnation. The group remains stagnant as it does not get any further guidance.
  2. Internal Issues – As money start to trickle in petty internal issues crop up, which requires to be handled properly.
  3. Lack of direction: Due to improper/insufficient guidance the group faces a sense of direction.
  4. Lack of participating members and dripping motivation level.
  5. Planning to start Business, but lack of proper guidance and information.

Many groups face the above problems. These problems can be solved with the help of continuous motivation, motivation to team leaders and participating members.

You can enroll your group with Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai and find a change in approach and a sense of positivity in your group. The group finds a sense of purpose and vision.

Take our Help

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