New Business from Bachat Gat

The transition from a Bachat Gat to a new business entity is an important process, which requires proper hand-holding support. While transitioning from an SHG to a Business Enterprise, the following steps are essential.

  1. Change of Approach of Members of SHGs.
  2. Unflinching Unity in SHG.
  3. Proper and Unified Vision
  4. Short Term, Medium Term, and Long-Term Achievable Goals.
  5. Proper Project Selection

To achieve this a Self Help Group required hand-holding support from a friend, philosopher, and guide. Swayamsiddha Foundation seeks to fulfill this role to our registered SHGs.

Take our Help

If you are starting a new SHG (Bachat Gat) or planning to start a new Bachat Gat. Do read the details provided in the Knowledge Center Page.

We organize programmes for new and existing SHGs. Do visit our Programme Page.

If you intend to start self-employment activity through your SHG you can enroll your new group (or group under planning) under our Bachat Gat Registration Programme,  we will help you form an ideal SHG.

You can read our e-books and form your own SHG according to the guidance provided in these ebooks. To download our ebooks and form a group yourself. Click here.